Know about Your Trusted Collection Agency

At Central Credit Control Ltd, we strongly believe that every individual has the right to the money that they have earned. With our corporate office strategically located in Barrie, we offer Canada-wide debt recovery services to multiple clients from different industries, including commercial, financial, landlord-tenant, medical, retail, and utility. We have been offering customized recovery plans to our valuable clients since 1987 and returning revenue to them that they did not expect to receive. While our competitors promise results, we actually deliver!

Why Choose Us?

Experience, expertise, and results — these three terms are synonymous with Central Credit Control Ltd. There’s a reason why we are Canada’s preferred collection agency and that reason is our productive and reliable collection strategy that ensures the highest rate of recovery for accounts that are delinquent. You can place your trust in us for the following:

  • Reducing risks

  • Increasing cash flow

  • Offering efficient and effective recovery solutions

  • Providing services to avoid additional costs of hiring and training in-house collection staff

Your Source of Reliable Recovery Options

Being represented by us during the recovery stages of defaulted accounts can be of great help to you. We maintain full access to the networks that allow us to obtain the contact information of debtors and recover past due balances. It is very easy to work with us because of the following reasons:

  • We don’t get paid until you do

  • We are responsible, flexible, diligent, and result-oriented

  • We have extensive experience achieving results that are higher than average

  • We perform our collection duties with the highest degree of ethical standards

If you think we are right for you, do not hesitate to hire us. Please read our terms and conditions before making a decision.