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Trouble-free Debt Payment Service in Canada – Let Us Help Get Your Account Settled and Be Gone with Your Debts!

Do I Really Owe Money to Central Credit Control Ltd?

All of our accounts start with an account number that starts with DB. If your file number does not start with DB, then the collection agency trying to collect money from you is not Central Credit Control Ltd.

While one may have the required funds to repay their creditor, sometimes a lack of options with respect to the choice of payment methods can lead to a delay in making payments. Repaying your creditor is in itself pretty stressful; the least we can do is make the process convenient. That’s why at Central Credit Control Ltd, we offer multiple payment options as part of our debt payment service. We offer our services all over Canada. If you have received a mail with a notice to make the payment or have questions about your account, please direct your concerns to us by calling on 1-877-222-9876 or 705-734-1400. You can also get in touch with our collection officer by sending an email to the address mentioned in your letter.


Please make sure to include your Central Credit Control Ltd account number and creditor’s name so that we can begin processing your inquiry quickly or credit the account.

Multiple Payment Options to Choose From

We understand that different people function differently, so the payment methods that each debtor may be comfortable with may also differ. Whether you are old-school or abreast with the newer options made available to us by technology, we have something for everyone to ensure that repaying your creditor is a cakewalk.

Online banking icon

Online Banking Payments at All Canadian Financial Institutions

We offer online payment options for which you need to provide the following details:

Creditor Name of Central Credit Control
Account Number: Your 6-digit account number beginning with the letters DB
Money transfer icon

Interac Money Transfer

Send your payment to Please make your security answer your Debt Number. This begins with the letters DB followed by 6 digits. Please make your security question your name followed by your debt number without the DB prefix.

Certified cheque icon

Bank Draft/Money Order/Certified Cheque

Your payment should be made payable to the creditor and mailed to: 


Central Credit Control Ltd In Trust

51 King Street, Suite 3, 

Barrie, ON L4N 6B5 

Please note that all notices from our office will have a Debt Number. Include it to ensure proper credit.

Have Questions?

Our team is ready to address any questions you may have.

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