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“I did not receive the bill”, “I will make the payment soon”, “I am having trouble making the payment”, the list of excuses made by debtors is endless, but your worries don’t have to be. At Central Credit Control Ltd, we strive to put an end to your worries about getting your payment back by offering tried and tested debt recovery services across Canada. Our professional experience and expertise allow us to be responsive to your debt recovery needs. We adopt a consultative approach when working with our clients to solve their past-due accounts receivable and bad debt issues. Contact us today for more information.

Effective Services at All Times

We are members of several credible organizations that help us provide you with effective debt collection solutions. These organizations include:

  • ACA International™

  • TransUnion® Reporting

  • Western Union™ Quick Collect

  • Equifax® Credit Bureau Reporting

  • Canadian Society of Collection Agencies (CSCA)

Please fill out our progress report request form, and send it to our email address.

Multiple Industries Served

We have developed and executed several debt recovery programs for a wide range of clients across multiple industries, like:

  • Utilities

  • Law firms

  • Commercial creditors

  • Colleges and universities

  • Financial services

  • Fitness clubs

  • Insurance companies

  • Building supply

  • Lawn care services

  • Dental practices

  • Fuel supply

  • Professional services

  • Telecommunications/cable

  • Medical/health care providers

  • Car rental contracts/tickets and tolls

Recoveries for Medical Service Providers

Our proficient medical service team is always ready to assist an array of clients. Be it chiropractic, veterinary, dental, or hospital, we help multiple service providers manage their delinquent accounts, improve their financial results, and have a positive relationship with the clients that they serve.

Quality Services at Fair Rates

The rate that we charge for our collection services is determined by several factors, which include:

  • Age of account

  • Legal status

  • Listing volume

  • Dollar value of account

Please reach out to Bradley Rice, to get detailed information on how we assess the charges.

Terms and Conditions

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